Frequently Asked Questions: THE ROOM, YOUR PET AND KINZCHAT
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Where do I go to find out things I can do with my pet?
The best way to find out what you can do in Webkinz World is by taking a look at the Webkinz Guide. You received one when you first adopted your Webkinz pet. You can also find the Webkinz Guide in the THINGS TO DO menu. You will find all kinds of useful information, handy tips and links to some of the common questions.

What can we do in the room?
You can do lots of things in their Webkinz pet’s room! Including:
  1. Play with the pet – you can purchase various toys (like the scooter, skateboard, and trampoline) and the Webkinz pet can play on these items.
  2. Cook – if you purchase a stove, blender, or sandwich maker, you can drag three foods into the appliance and try to make various foods. There are cookbooks available in the “Toys and Books” section of the W Shop.
  3. Invite friends to visit – By using the KinzChat cell phone, you can invite friends over to chat and play in their Webkinz pet’s room.
  4. Play games – Games in the W Shop’s Games section are for the room. You can play some of these games against the computer, and others against friends.
  5. Decorate – You can decorate your room or yard in any way you like. Remember; if you want to add a new room, just use the ‘map’ and click ‘add room.’ Click on a blank space (where you’d like the new room to go), and click on the type of room you’d like. You can use the map to jump to this new room.

Why does my pet look sad or sick today?
When your pet's Happy, Health or Hunger meters go down, you will see a change in your pet's appearance. You can make your pet happier by playing with it, visiting the Arcade or Quizzy's, buying stuff at the W Shop, or answering surveys. If your pet's health is low, try feeding it something good to eat, especially its own specialty food, or giving it some exercise. If your pet gets really sick, it will have a green snout and thermometer and only a visit to the Clinic will make it feel better.

Will my pet get sick while I’m away?
Your Webkinz pet will be fine. The only level that will go down is your pet's happiness, because your pet is going to miss you. Your pet will be very happy to see you when you get back.

Can Webkinz pets die or run away?
In answer to your very important question, no, your Webkinz pet can't die. But if your pet's health dips below 9, it will definitely get sick.
When that happens, your pet will have a green face and a thermometer in its mouth and you will have to take your pet to the clinic to visit Dr. Quack to make it feel better. The clinic is in the "Things to Do" menu.
Your pet will never run away, either, though it will get very sad if you do not visit it.

Can Webkinz pets get married and have children?
Webkinz pets can't get married because they are too young -- they aren't even teenagers yet! Lil’Kinz are little brothers and sisters for your Webkinz pets, so if your pet is lonely you can adopt a whole bunch and then they can have lots of siblings!

I have lots of pets - how do I keep them all happy?
A great way to keep lots of Webkinz pets healthy and happy is to make sure you spend a few minutes with each pet each time you're in Webkinz World. Play a game with each Webkinz pet and give your pets a bath. This should help to keep them happy and healthy!

Can two Webkinz pets share the same bed?
Right now you can't get a bed that 2 pets can sleep in at the same time because they get a better night's sleep when they have their own individual bed. If they had someone rolling over and kicking them during the night, they wouldn't be as happy or healthy when you came to play with them the next day!

My pet won’t stay in bed/I can’t get my pet out of bed.
To get your pet to stay where you left it, use the Logout function on the THINGS TO DO menu before leaving Webkinz World. If your pet won’t get out of bed, its path may be blocked by objects around the bed. Try using the Edit button (top left) to move one or more objects.

What do I do with extra clothing that my Webkinz pet isn’t wearing?
You can leave the clothes in your dock, if you want, or you can buy a dresser, toy box, or drawers and store them in there like you would any other object.

How do I cook? What cookbooks are available?
After you've bought a stove, cauldron or barbecue from the W Shop and put it in your Webkinz pet’s room, you're ready to get started! Just click on the stove, cauldron or barbecue and it will open up. Drag and drop three foods onto it and press "cook" to make a delicious dish.
To use the Sandwich Maker, just pick it up from the W Shop's Kitchen and Bathroom section and put it in your Webkinz pet’s room. Click to open it. Drag and drop foods from your dock into the spaces on the Sandwich Maker. Click 'Get Sandwichin' to make a sandwich.
To use the Blender, pick one up from the W Shop and put it into your room. Click to open it and then drag and drop three foods into it. Click on “Blend” to make your very own drinks or dips!
There are three cookbooks available in the Toys & Books section of the W Shop: Totally Blendin’ for the Blender, The Art of Sandwiching for the Sandwich Maker, and Simply Delicious for the Stove. Remember, you can only use the blender recipes on the blender, the stove recipes on the stove and the sandwich recipes on the sandwich maker.

How does the TV work?
To turn on the television, just click on the TV and wait for the remote control to appear. When you see it, click ‘power' and then click the show you'd like to watch (choose ‘random' if you want the TV to pick the show for you). Your show will appear on the TV. If you want to turn it off, just click ‘power' and the show will turn off. Click the X on the remote control to close it.

Why are toys and other objects only for decoration?
There was a time when our stoves and bathtub were for decoration only but now they are fully functional - have you tried them? The same for the Wonder Scooter and the Skateboard!

Just like all those items, we've got big plans for activities with our other toys and furniture.

As Webkinz World keeps getting bigger and better, lots of new fun things are going to start happening in all parts of the site. We'd like to tell you when and what is exactly happening, but that would ruin the big surprises!

Stay tuned and keep checking back on Webkinz World to find out anything and everything that is new!

Why can’t I put food in the cupboards or other items into the fridge?
Food can only be stored in the fridge, and the fridge will only let you store food.

How many rooms can you have?
You can have as many rooms as you like. You can make a mansion for your Webkinz pet!

I don’t want my extra room anymore – how do I get rid of it?
When you buy a room, you can't delete it or sell it back. If you want to sell all the items in your room (at half price), you can start over and redecorate it any way you like. Check out the W Shop for lots of great items and decorating ideas.

How do I remove my wallpaper or floors?
There’s no way to remove wallpaper or floors, so if you don’t like the way it looks now, you’ll need to buy replacement wallpaper or floor and cover up the old one.

Why can’t my friend color in my Coloring Book?
You can only color in your own coloring book. To get your own coloring book, please visit the W Shop's Toys and Books section.

Why can’t I print the pages in the How to Draw book?
While you cannot print the "How to Draw" pages in the book, you can always log into Webkinz World, open the book and draw while you look at the computer. If you really want to print out a page, just click "Alt" and "Print screen" and then go into a program like Microsoft Word. Go to Edit and click ‘paste.' You can then print off the page.

How do I get the Studio and make a show?
First, you pick up a studio at the W Shop. Go to the 'Toys and Books section' and look under 'Webkinz Studio.' The Webkinz Studio costs 1000 KinzCash. You may have to use the arrow buttons of the W Shop to scroll through the items to find the "Webkinz Studio."

Once you've bought the Webkinz Studio put it in your room, and have your pet walk to it to open the studio.

It will have some actors and backgrounds when you start, but you can buy more actors and play sets at the W Shop (in the 'Toys and Books' section). To start your show, type in a title, choose a background, a sky style, and a type of music. Click ‘next' to continue. Choose two actors. Drag them into the boxes. Click ‘next' when you're ready to continue. Choose a camera angle. This is how your actors will look on the screen. Click next to continue. Click on the dialogue boxes to enter your actor's dialogue. Choose an emotion and an action from the drop down menus next to your actors. When you're happy with your scene, click ‘next scene' to continue making scenes. When you think your show is finished (you can make up to 15 scenes), click ‘end show.' You will see a screen with a red curtain. Click ‘play' to see your show, ‘save' to save your show, and ‘edit' to go back and change something in your show. Clicking ‘menu' will take you back to the main menu.

When you've watched your show, you can edit it or save it. If you've already saved two shows, you will have to choose which show you want to overwrite with the new show.

Please remember to check out the instructions in the studio, if you ever have any problems or questions.

How do I add Actors and Play sets to my Studio?
To find more actors or sets, please visit the W Shop's "Toys and Books" section and pick up some actor packs or play sets. To add the packs or play sets to your studio, just open your studio and then click on "Add new Actors/Sets." Drag and drop the actor or play set from your dock into the box on the screen. If you are trying to add a play set that you already have, or trying to add an actor that you've already got two of, you won't be able to. You can only have one play set of a specific type, and two actors of a specific type.

How many shows can I have at once?
Right now, you can only save two shows at once. This might be changing in the future, but for now it's only two shows.

My show didn’t save – can I get it back?
In order to save your show, you have to click the ‘save' button when the show is finished. If you did not click the save button, the show would not be saved. Unfortunately, there’s no way of recovering a show that has not been saved.

Why do all of my Studios have the same shows on them?
You’re only allowed to save two shows. No matter how many TV studios you purchase, all of your studios will have the same shows on them.

Why can’t I play on my friend’s Studio?
The Webkinz Studio can only be used by the member who purchased it. You can not watch their shows or make shows while visiting a friend.

Why can’t I use a certain word in my TV show?
We do not allow inappropriate words in the Webkinz Studio. If we find that you've used an inappropriate word, you will have to change it before you can continue to create your show.

How do I put my TV show on the TV?
The only way to get your TV show on the TV is to win a Movie Contest. Keep your eyes on the Newz for the next contest!

How do I make friends?
If you want to make new friends in Webkinz World, you can do that now! If you play a PVP game against someone in the Tournament Arena, you can ask them to join your Friends List when the game is over. Just click on the "Add to Friends List" button. That will send the person an invitation. If they accept your invitation, they will be added to your list and you will be added to their list!

If someone does not decide to be on your list, that's ok. Please do not send them another invitation. You do not have to accept another person's invitation if you don't want to.

Remember; KinzChat is still very safe because you can't type in your own words. We have made a dictionary for KinzChat that does not allow personal information to be shared; we want to keep our users safe.

Remember also that you can tell your friends all about Webkinz World and when they join Webkinz World, you can chat with them!

How many friends can I have on my Friends List?
Currently there is no limit on the number of friends you can have on the list; but, we strongly recommend keeping your list under 50 users. The more users on your list the longer it will take you to open your Friends List and turn on KinzChat. If you have a lot of friends, this wait could become quite noticeable.

How do I make my friends visit or play with me?
Sorry, but there’s no way to make your friends visit or play with you. You can always try the FIND AN OPPONENT in the Tournament Arena to make new friends.

Can I send my friend an object or KinzCash?
Right now there’s no way to send your friend KinzCash, but you can send your friends a note or a gift using Kinz Post! Visit Kinz Post in the THINGS TO DO menu and follow the instructions.

My friends never get my invitations for KinzChat or the Tournament Arena – what do I do?
First, make sure that you’re online by clicking on the cell phone in the lower right hand corner of the dock and click on POWER to connect. Next, make sure your friend is online – their face will be green. In the Tournament Arena, click on the checkbox next to their name and then select “Invite Friend.” You will only have this option if they are online. The INVITE button on your cell phone is only available if your friend is online, too. If it still doesn’t work, log out and log back in again, turn on the cell phone and send your invitation again.

How does Do Not Disturb work? How do I turn it on and off?
The "Do Not Disturb" feature is meant to let your friends know that you are busy and cannot be invited to play a game or to visit. If you want to turn on the Do Not Disturb feature, when your cell phone is on, just click the small button labeled "Do Not Disturb" above the ‘power' button on your KinzChat cell phone. You will still be able to invite friends to play games and visit you, but they will not be able to send invitations to you. To turn off the "Do Not Disturb" feature, just click the button labeled "Do Not Disturb" again.

Can I still invite friends over or play games when I have Do Not Disturb on?
If you have the "Do Not Disturb" feature on, you can still invite friends to your house or invite them to play games. They cannot invite you, though.

My friend has a yellow smiley face – what does that mean?
If you see a yellow face next to your friend's name on your Friends List, that means that they have their ‘do not disturb' feature on. This means that your friend is busy and does not want to be disturbed right now. When their face turns green again, you will be able to invite them to visit or play games again.

How does block work?
When you block someone from being your friend that means that you do not want them to ask to be your friend ever again. They are not going to be added to your friends list, and you will not be added to theirs. There is no way to undo a block right now, so be careful about who you block.

How do I undo a block?
Sorry to hear that you didn't mean to block someone. The only thing you can do is to invite them to be your friend. They will not be able to invite you to be their friend again.

Why can’t I type what I want?
The Internet can be an unsafe place, and so we decided to make the safest possible chat system available.

KinzChat is entirely constructed, which means you have to put the sentences together. This way, there is no way for anyone to ask or say anything inappropriate. Also, there is no way to exchange