The Challenge Game
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How to Play

Objective: Be the first to complete 4 Challenges!

Number of Players: 2 or more (more than 2 players requires more cards)

What You Need: At least 50 base set trading cards to make the draw deck. You will also need at least 7 Challenge cards for a separate Challenge deck. For more than 2 players you will need another 3 Challenge cards per extra player.

You can also use as many base set cards as you'd like, but not more than 3 of any one card.

See below for special rules if you'd like to make your own personal deck to go head-to-head with a friend.

Setting Up

Decide randomly who goes first. You can flip a coin, roll a die or play Rock Paper Scissors.

Deal out five cards from the Draw Deck to each player. It doesn't matter who deals the cards. These cards are your starting hand.

Take the top three cards of the Challenge Deck and lay them side by side so all players can see them. All players are trying to complete the same Challenges. You have to be fast or someone else might take the Challenge you're trying for!

If you're new to the Challenge Game, you can download and print out a play mat to play on. Get the Play Mat now.

You're now ready to play!

On Your Turn

Each player may take ONE of the following actions on their turn:

  • Draw the top card of the Draw Deck and put it into their hand
  • Discard a card to the discard pile, then draw the top 2 cards from the Draw Deck
  • Play an Action card from their hand
  • Attempt a Challenge

Once a player has taken their action, the play moves to the next player to the right (if you're playing 2 players, go back and forth).

Playing an Action card
To play an Action card, say "I'm playing an Action" and show the Action card to all players. This includes Base cards with Actions on them (with this symbol action_symbol).

Do what it says on the card, then discard the Action card to the discard pile.

Some Actions may appear difficult to use. We've included the tough ones in our Specific Card Rules to help you learn how to use them in your games.

Attempting a Challenge

To attempt a Challenge, say "I'm attempting a Challenge" and indicate which Challenge you would like to attempt.

Do what the Challenge tells you do to beside the challenge symbol. Most of the time you will need to discard cards with specific Traits. Put the required cards into the discard pile.

When you have completed the Challenge, claim your Reward! Do what the Challenge you've completed tells you to do beside the prize symbol.

Note that if you can not do what the prize says, you do not get a prize. For example, the prize for "Hungry Lil' Kinz" is to put a Pet card from the discard pile into your hand. If there are no Pet cards in the discard pile, you do not get a prize.

Now move the Challenge card in front of you so that everyone knows you have completed it.

Finally, take the top card from the Challenge deck and put it face up in the empty Challenge card space. This is the new Challenge that you will be competing for.

Remember - once you say you're going to attempt a Challenge you can't change your mind. If you can ever not complete a Challenge you've started, you lose you turn.

If you have four complete Challenges, YOU WIN!

Time to shuffle up the cards and play again!

Special Rules

If you ever run out of cards in the Draw Deck, simply shuffle all of the cards from the Discard pile to make a new Draw Deck.

Many cards refer to "the deck". Those cards always mean the Draw Deck.

You can mix your cards together with your friend's cards to play with a larger deck. If you do, we strongly recommend that you put initials into the circle with the star in it on each card, so you'll know whose cards are whose when you finish playing. Players always must give each other their cards back when a game is done.

Any player can look through the discard pile at any time. This will help you to know when to play your Action cards.

Building your own Personal Deck

Ready for the ultimate Challenge?

Build you own personal deck with your own cards are play it against a personal deck made by a friend with their own cards.

To build a personal deck, use these rules instead:

  • Your Draw Deck must be at least 30 cards.
  • You can not use more than 3 of any one specific card.
  • Choose 5 Challenges that you can complete with your personal deck
  • All 5 Challenges you choose must be different - no duplicates

When playing with personal decks, the game plays the same with these specific differences:

  • At the start of the game shuffle your 5 Challenges together with your opponent's 5 Challenges. This makes the Challenge Deck. If you and your opponent are using the same Challenges, that is okay.
  • You draw from your Draw Deck. Your opponent draws from their Draw Deck.
  • You have your own discard pile. Only you discard to your discard pile.
  • When a Challenge or Action says "the Discard pile" or "the Draw deck", use your discard pile and draw deck. Never use your opponent's. You can look at each other's discard pile though.

Can you build the ultimate Challenge Game deck? Let's the games begin.

Confused about a specific card? Let's read our Specific Card Rules.