The Challenge Game
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Reading Your Cards

There are three key types of cards you'll need to learn before playing the Challenge Game.

St.Bernard card

Base Cards

Down the left of every base card is listed that card's Traits (1). Traits are words like Pet, Character and Food that describe what's on the card. Traits are very important in the game as they tell you which cards you can use to complete the Challenges and win the game!

Every card also has a Name (2). Here it is the lovable "St. Bernard". Sometimes Challenges will ask for a specific card by name. If it does, you can use any card with that exact name! For example, "Goober" and "Goober's Lab" are not the same name.

Finally each card has a Text Box (3). Mostly this just tells you a little more about the pet or item on the card. If you see this symbol though Action Symbol, it means that the card can be used as an Action card as well!

Action Cards

Webkinz Newz Interview

Action cards are special cards that allow you to do special things on your turn. You can tell which cards are Actions as they all have a red border.

Actions do not have Traits. We've put Action there to remind you what the card is, but Action is not a Trait.

Every Action has a Name (1) and a Game Text box (2).

To use an Action, you simply do what it says in the Game Text box, then discard the Action to the Discard Pile. We'll explain this more below.

Challenge Cards

Chef Gazpacho's Challenge

Challenge cards are what both players are trying to complete to win the game!

Each Challenge has a Name (1). This tells you which Challenge it is.

challenge symbolChallenge: This tells you what you will need to do to complete the Challenge. For most Challenges, you will need to discard a number of cards with specific Traits. Here you must discard a Recipe card. That means you must discard one Base card from your hand that has the word "Recipe" listed among its Traits.

prize symbolPrize: When you complete a Challenge, you also get a Prize! For example, in the card above, you would get the Prize of drawing a card from the draw deck to use the next time you try a Challenge. You don't get a prize when you complete your fourth challenge... you win instead!

Now let's learn how to play!