The Challenge Game
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Specific Card Rules


Cocker Spaniel

You can put 2 Jungle cards, 2 Farm cards OR 1 Farm card and 1 Jungle card from the discard pile into your hand.

Wacky Zingoz

There are two cards named Wacky Zingoz in Series 1. They are not the same card, so you can have up to 3 of each card in your deck. Both cards can be used with the Challenge "Wacky Zingoz Tournament".

Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy

You can only play this card's Action game text if the Challenge named "Wacky Zingoz Tournament" has been completed by any player. The card can be used for it's Traits at any time. To use the Action, do not discard the card. Instead shuffle into the Draw Deck. Then choose (up to) two Item cards in the Discard Pile and put them into your hand.

Always Be Prepared

You play this card as your turn. You then take two more turns. Then each opponent takes two turns. If you play another Always Be Prepared on your extra turns, you can get more turns, but your opponents will get two turns for each Always Be Prepared you play.

DiceKinz Blowback

Discard any number of cards from your hand, including DiceKinz Blowback. Each of your opponents must then discard down until they have the same number of cards as you. You can discard all of your cards. Then all of your opponents will also have to discard all of their cards.

Sometimes Good Things Just Happen

This is a very powerful, but hard to play card. You can ONLY play this Action if you have completed NO Challenges and an opponent has completed three Challenges. This is more likely to happen in a 3 or more player game. If you can play it, just pick one of the Challenges, and you complete that Challenge. Take your Prize as normal, and then replace the Challenge as normal.

Spin the Wishing Well

You can choose any card trait (except Action - remember it's not a Trait) when playing this card. Then reveal the top 5 cards of the Draw Deck to all players. Take all of the cards you have revealed that have the Trait you chose, then discard the rest of the revealed cards (this last step was left off of some copies of this card).

Tradesies, No Return

You can give the same card back to your opponent that you took if you'd like. Remember, if the card is owned by your opponent, you MUST give it back to them at the end of the game. This isn't a real trade, it's just an action.


An Air of Mystery

The 3 cards you discard can not share ANY Traits. An Item, Food and an Item, Furniture are still both Items, and therefore can not be discarded together to complete this Challenge.

Chef Gazpacho's Challenge

This challenge works a little different from the others. First you discard a Recipe card. Then each of your opponents, in turn, has a chance to also discard a Recipe card. As soon as an opponent does, this stops (only one opponent can discard a Recipe card). You then have to make a decision. You can either discard another 3 cards (any cards in your hand) and complete the Challenge, or you can not discard the 3 cards and not complete the Challenge. If you do not complete the Challenge, you do not get your Recipe card back and play moves on to the next player.

Game of the Day

A non-Arcade card is any card without the Trait "Arcade", including Actions.

Kinzville Caper

Remember, if the card you take is owned by your opponent, you MUST give it back to them at the end of the game.

Kinzville Festival

Reveal the top 3 cards to all players. Then take any cards with the trait Character. Discard the rest (this was left off of the card by mistake).

Quizzy's Whizkinz

If you can not discard a card of the chosen type, you do not complete the Challenge and play moves on to the next player.

Super Sale at the W-Shop

A non-Item card is any card without the Trait "Item", including Actions.

Zacky's Quest

If you discard "Zacky's Quest Trophy" to complete this challenge, you can put it right back into your hand.