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More games to play.

There are lots of games that you can play with your Webkinz Trading Cards. Here are some of the games that we have created. Each game tells you exactly how many cards you will need to play. We will be posting new games from time to time.

Mix & Match

Be the first player to lay down 4 mixed or matched sets of four cards to win!

  • For 2-4 players
  • Requires: 40 or more Base Set Cards
  • Does not use: Action Cards, Challenge Cards

Setting Up:

  1. Randomly choose a player to go first.
  2. Shuffle up the cards and place them in the center of the table.
  3. Deal 7 cards to each player.
  4. Put the top card of the deck beside the deck. This is the discard pile.


On each players turn they may do one of the following:

  1. Discard a card, then draw a card from the top of the deck.
  2. Take a card from their hand, place it on the bottom of the deck, then take the top card of the discard pile (if this is the last card in the discard pile, put the top card of the deck into the discard pile).
  3. Lay down a mixed set of 4 cards, or a matched set of 4 cards, then draw 3 cards from the top of the deck.

A mixed set is any four cards where none of the cards' traits match. A matched set is any four cards where all of the cards share at least one trait.

So Miss Birdy, Goober's Lab, Hippo and Zazzleloop Soup would be a mixed set as there are different traits on each card. Miss Birdy, Goober, Zangoz and Arte Fact would be a matched set as all of the cards include the trait "Character".

The first person to lay down their fourth set wins the game!

Go Fish

Play the classic game with Webkinz Trading Cards!

  • For 2 players
  • Requires: 11 sets of 4 matching cards (so 4 Miss Birdy cards, 4 Pig cards, etc.)
  • Does not use: Action Cards, Challenge Cards.


Randomly choose a player to go first.
Deal out 6 cards to each player.

On each player's turn, they ask the other player if the have a card with the same name as a card in their hand. (You can only ask for cards that you have at least one of).

If the asked player has one or more copies of that card, they must give all of the copies to the asking player.

If the asking player now has four of any one card, they can lay all of the cards down as a "book".

If the asked player does not have any cards of the name asked, they must say "Go Fish" and then the asking player draws the top card of the deck and adds it to their hand.

When a player lays down their sixth book, they are the winner!

If either player ever runs out of cards in their hand, the game immediately ends, and the player with the most books wins!