Important Message from Webkinz World
We at Webkinz World are fully aware that members are using tools to attempt to cheat on our site. We want to make our position on the use of these tools very, very clear.

First of all, remember that any attempt to circumvent the security of our site violates the User Agreement. Accordingly, any use of a cheating tool will lead to the immediate and permanent termination of the account on which the tool was used. Whether the account has one pet or 50, the account will be closed. All codes for pets on the closed account will remain used.

You will not receive a warning, and it will not matter whether you have used the tool (or used other means to attempt to circumvent the security of our site), once or many times.

Also note, as we have stated before, all activity that occurs on an account is the responsibility of the member who is registered on that account. If a "friend" or anyone else used your account to cheat on our site, you will still be the one who loses your account.

If you ever find a large amount of KinzCash on your account that you know you did not achieve, DO NOT USE IT. Contact us immediately and we will remove the excess KinzCash and you will not lose your account.

We have already terminated the accounts of dozens of members who have cheated on our site. It saddens us each time we have to close an account, but we must protect the security of our site and we will continue to do so.