I Cannot View the Full Webkinz Screen
If you are having difficulty viewing the full screen in Webkinz World, there are a number of possible issues you may be having. Some of these issues can be resolved technically. Following these steps lets you know if your system is compatible with the Webkinz website.

Before beginning these steps, please check the Webkinz World FAQ to ensure your computer meets the minimum system requirements, as they have recently changed.

**Please note that in order to access Webkinz World, you MUST have high-speed internet. Those with dial-up will not be able to access the site.**


  1. Set Your Monitor Resolution to 1024x768 or higher.

    In order to change your screen resolution correctly, please follow these steps:

    1. On your Desktop screen, right click your mouse and then click "Properties" at the bottom of the window.
    2. Choose "Settings" on the top right of the window.
    3. At the bottom left you can adjust the resolution. Slide the resolution to the right, until it reads 1024x768 or higher.
    If your maximum resolution is 800x600, your monitor is not compatible with Webkinz, and will need to be upgraded before you can play.


  2. Clear Your Internet Browser Cache

    Please find your browser below and follow the steps to clear your cache.

    1. On the AOL tool bar, find the "My AOL" menu. Click "Preferences" and then click "WWW".
    2. Look for the "Temporary Internet Files".
    3. Click "Delete Files" and then click "OK".
    4. That should clear your cache and give you a fresh start.
    Internet Explorer 6:
    1. At the top of the screen, click the Tools menu. In that menu, click "Internet Options".
    2. This brings up a dialog with 6 tabs across the top.
    3. Click "General" and then look for "Temporary Internet Files".
    4. Click "Delete Cookies" and then click "OK".
    5. Click "Delete Files". In the pop up, check off "Delete all offline content" and then click "OK".
    6. Click "OK" again and this should clear all cached pages.
    Internet Explorer 7:
    1. In the Tools menu, click "Internet Options".
    2. Choose the "General" tab.
    3. Under "Browsing History", click "Delete".
    4. Next to "Temporary Internet Files", click "Delete Files."
    5. Click "Close", and then click "OK" to exit.
    6. This should clear all cached pages.
    1. At the top of the screen, click the Edit menu and then click "Preferences".
    2. Find "Advanced" and click the " " sign in front of the word, "advanced".
    3. Click "Cache".
    4. On the right you'll see buttons labeled "Clear Memory Cache" and "Clear Disk Cache".
    5. Click "Clear Memory Cache". When the dialog box appears, click "OK".
    6. Click "Clear Disk Cache". When the dialog box appears, click "OK".
    7. Click "OK" again to close the Cache Dialog box.
    8. This should clear all cached pages.
    1. Click "Tools" and select "Options".
    2. Click the Privacy icon.
    3. Click "Clear Now" in the Private Data area.
    4. Click "OK".
    5. Exit and re-launch the browser.
    6. This should clear all cached pages.
    Safari 1.0 / Safari 2.0 for Macintosh OS X:
    1. From the Safari menu click on "Empty Cache".
    2. When asked if you want to empty the cache, click "Empty".
    3. Once that's done, from the safari menu, click on "Preferences".
    4. From the Security dialog box, select "Bookmarks".
    5. Click on "Show Cookies".
    6. When you see the list, select "Remove all".
    7. Once they are removed, click "Done".
    8. Close down Safari to get back to your desktop.
    9. This should clear all cached pages.


  3. Expand Your Browser Window

    If you are still having trouble seeing the new Webkinz layout, please open the login page and press F11 on your keyboard. This should expand your window. If your monitor is 1024x768 or greater, you will see the full screen.

If you still cannot see the full Webkinz screen, your issue can not be resolved without a hardware upgrade. We recommend talking to a computer retailer to find a system that is best suited to run Webkinz World.