A Message from Ganz: On Account and Online Item Sales

Over the past few months we have seen a rise in the number of members who have been selling and auctioning off online items (such as pet specific items and exclusive items) and even whole Webkinz accounts.

We want to make it very clear that these practices are in direct violation of our User Agreement and are strictly forbidden. Any account used in the selling of online items or listed for sale or auction will be terminated, without notice, at our discretion. We are very serious about stopping this activity.

Note that this includes the practice of claiming that the virtual item sold is "free", while selling something of little value.

Members are free to conduct in-world trades of Webkinz World items as they choose, but for no outside compensation of any kind, financial or otherwise. Trading through KinzPost is not secure though and we do not recommend the practice. We will be adding a secure item-for-item trading feature to Webkinz World in the coming months.

We recognize that many items in Webkinz World are hard to come by and that trading may seem difficult, but we must ask that all members abide by the User Agreement and keep all item exchanges within Webkinz World itself.