Account Security, Responsibility and Termination
Over the past few months, many new members have joined Webkinz World. While the vast majority of our members are here simply to have fun, a very few have been breaking the rules and causing problems in Webkinz World.

We continually monitor Webkinz World and will make changes from time to time to improve the site and better protect the accounts of our terrific members. To increase account security, we have reduced the number of KinzPost gifts that can be sent to any one account. Now, only one gift can be sent per day.

You too can make Webkinz World safer and more fun for everyone by doing the following:

  1. Make your password hard for others to guess. To do this, make sure your password includes numbers and letters. For example, if you combine a word with a number, it will be more difficult for people to guess your password and your account will be more secure. Do not share, or tell anyone, your password.
  2. Never, ever, let anyone know any of your Secret Codes (your pet codes). Anyone who learns any of your Secret Codes will be able to access your account and change your password.

Remember: You are responsible for the security of your account. Never share your password. Always keep your Secret Code secret and never share it.

For the members who are breaking the rules, and for everyone who may not fully understand what the rules are, let's review what you agreed to when you joined Webkinz World:

The User Agreement states that when using the site you may not (among other things):

  • Try to get around the security systems of the Site;
  • Try to use fraudulent Secret Codes or any other false method to get into our site;
  • Try to gain access to any other user's accounts;
  • Try to find out anyone's Secret Code, password or personal information in any way;
  • Try to use the site for any other reason than what we have created it for.

This means that you cannot:

  1. Guess codes in the Adoption Centre or enter codes that do not belong to you.
  2. Ask members for their password or Secret Code on this or any other website.
  3. Log into an account that does not belong to you for any reason.
  4. Exploit bugs, cheats, or loopholes anywhere on the site to gain items or KinzCash. Note: Finding a bug or cheat is not “exploiting” it. Repeatedly using the bug or cheat is exploiting it. Do not do it.
  5. Use any third party application or site to try to circumvent our site's security.

These activities ruin the fun for a lot of our members, and we want to let you know that we're going to be tough on anyone committing any of these acts from now on. When we identify a member who is abusing our site, we can and will:

  1. Remove from their account, KinzCash and items that were improperly obtained.
  2. Remove specific features of the site from their account.
  3. Suspend their account for any length of time we choose.
  4. Terminate their account.

Remember: You are responsible for all activity that occurs on your account.

We will not allow a few people to ruin Webkinz World for our many wonderful members who enjoy the site every day and make it the great place it has become. We take the security of our members' account seriously and will continue to make changes and improvements where needed.