Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
Questions about Webkinz World: what you can do, how you sign up and questions about the plush toys.
Account and Adoption Issues
Issues with your account, the adoption process, and what you get for each adoption.
KinzCash Issues
How to earn KinzCash and questions about lost or unawarded KinzCash.
Today's Activities
Questions about fun stuff scheduled in Webkinz World, including the Wheel of WOW, Wishing Well and Gem Hunt.
W Shop and Curio Shop
Buying stuff, selling stuff and questions about rare items.
Technical Issues
General troubleshooting steps for technical issues.
The Room, Your Pet and KinzChat
Questions about your room, what you can do with your pet and how to use KinzChat.
For Parents
Questions most frequently asked by parents.
Games, Quizzy's and the Employment Office
Questions about the Arcade, Tournament Arena, in-room games, Quizzy's Question Corner and the Employment Office.
The Newz, Contests and KinzPost
Questions about the Newz and entering contests.
Find answers to your questions about the Clubhouse.
Feature Codes
If you've got Feature Code questions, we've got answers!
Wish Factory
Curious about Tokens and the Wish Factory? Bring your questions here.
Mobile Application Issues
Issues concerning Mobile Applications on your device.
Webkinz eStore
Find out more about the Webkinz eStore