W Shop and Curio Shop
Where do I find items in the W Shop?
There are several categories in the W Shop. These categories let you know what items are available in each section. You can find side tables, coffee tables and dining tables in the Tables section. Some things might be a bit harder to find, but generally if you are looking for a game that you play in your room or an expansion for your DiceKinz game, it will be in the GAMES category. If you’re looking for books, treadmills or stuff to add to the Webkinz Studio, you’ll find them in the Toys & Books category. The best thing to do is look in all of the categories for whatever you are looking for.
I just bought something from the W Shop but I can't find it!
It is possible that you have a lot of stuff crowded in your dock and you just need to search a little bit more for your missing item. Make sure you try clicking on the tab for the right category and also click on the left and right arrows to scroll through the items one by one. If that doesn't work, just log out of Webkinz World and then log back in. We're sure you'll find what you were missing.
Can I buy that thing I saw in the Newz in the W Shop?
Sometimes, when our artists draw things, they use their imaginations to come up with certain items that you can't buy in the W Shop.

We are always making great new stuff to add to Webkinz World, though, so keep your eyes on the Newz and the W Shop to find when any new items are available.
I sold an item by mistake at the W Shop - how do I get it back?
Unfortunately, there is no way to get an item back once it has been sold to the W Shop. While you can always buy regular items again, be extra careful with rare or special items, as they cannot be replaced.
Why can't I sell the Webkinz Guide?
The Webkinz Guide is a big book filled with everything you need to know about Webkinz World, so refer to it whenever you have a question about something.

Since it is a gift, you can not sell it back to the W Shop - it is not worth any KinzCash anyway.
Can you lower prices at the W Shop?
The W Shop is full of awesome bargains. Check out the "Sale Items" section to see what's on sale.

You can also get coupons from the "Today's Activities" page to buy items at the W Shop. To use a coupon, choose the item you want to buy, press "check out" and on the check out page, drag the coupon from your dock to the item. The price of the item will be adjusted. Press "buy now" to buy the item.
What furniture can I only find in the Curio Shop?
Right now the Curio Shop is the only place to get the Medieval, Egyptian and Kooky Scientist themes. You can also find other special objects that are only found in the Curio Shop.
Why doesn't Arte remember me?
If you don't visit Arte in the Curio Shop for awhile, it is possible that he will not remember you when you do visit him again; Arte sees SO many different customers each day! It is important to visit Arte every single day to make sure he remembers who you are. Be sure to visit him and buy an item or give him a tip everyday, and he will recognize you in no time!
Arte didn't let me tip him and I hadn't tipped him yet - what happened?
Arte only gives you one chance to tip him. If you are about to tip him and click somewhere else before you select an amount, it will count as your tip.