Webkinz eStore
What is Webkinz eStore?
Webkinz eStore is an area inside Webkinz WorldTM where you can purchase Online Items not available anywhere else in Webkinz World.

What are eStore Points?
eStore Points is the currency that is used to purchase Online Items from Webkinz eStore.  All items available at Webkinz eStore can only be purchased with eStore Points.  An adult over the age of 18 can purchase eStore Points from Webkinz eStore with a valid credit card.  In the alternative, an adult can transfer eStore Points purchased at Ganz eStore to one's Webkinz World Account.
How are eStore Points different from Kinzcash?
eStore Points can only be purchased from Ganz eStore or Webkinz eStore by an adult over the age of 18, whereas Kinzcash is earned by playing games within Webkinz World.  eStore Points can be used to buy Online Items from Webkinz eStore, while Kinzcash can be used to purchase in-game items from the various shops within Webkinz World.  Kinzcash cannot be converted into eStore Points and vice versa.
Can I use eStore Points to get KinzCash or purchase items from the W Shop, Curio Shop or Kinzstyle Outlet?
No, eStore Points can only be used to purchase Online Items from Webkinz eStore.
Do eStore Points expire?
No, eStore Points you have in your Webkinz eStore Account will remain in your Account until you decide to spend them.
Can I return any unused eStore Points for a refund?
No.  All purchases of eStore Points are final and cannot be returned for an exchange or refund.
Can I sell/trade/Kinzpost items that I have purchased at Webkinz eStore?
No.  All items purchased at Webkinz eStore are permanently bound to your Webkinz World Account and cannot be sold in the W Shop, traded in a trading room or sent via Kinzpost.  Likewise, these items cannot be sold back to Webkinz eStore.
Can I buy physical product from Webkinz eStore?
Currently, only Online Items for use in your Webkinz World account can be purchased at Webkinz eStore.  No physical product is available.
Can I buy Webkinz eStore items with Kinzcash?
No, Webkinz eStore items can only be purchased with eStore Points.
Why have I been blocked from redeeming a Points code in Webkinz eStore?
If you have entered several incorrect Points Codes in Webkinz eStore, your access to this area will be blocked.  To restore access, you will need to contact Webkinz Consumer Support by submitting a customer service form from the Webkinz World homepage.
The Points Code I received doesn't work.
If you have verified that you are entering the correct code and believe that the code you have been given does not work, please submit an inquiry from the Customer Service page at Ganz eStore or send an email to ganzestorecs@ganz.com.
What do I do if I didn't get my item?
If you don't see your newly purchased Webkinz eStore item in your dock immediately after you have completed your purchase, please try refreshing your browser and logging in and out of your Webkinz World account.  If you still do not see your item, please submit an inquiry from the Customer Service page at Ganz eStore or send an email to ganzestorecs@ganz.com with your transaction number and username
How do I send a Webkinz eStore item as a gift?
None of the items purchased at Webkinz eStore can be Kinzposted or sent as a gift.
Can I buy pets at Webkinz eStore?
No.  Currently only Online Items are available at Webkinz eStore.  Exclusive online only pets can be purchased at Ganz eStore or plush pets can be purchased at your local retailer.
Can I upgrade my Webkinz World account to Deluxe at Webkinz eStore?
No.  Currently, Deluxe Membership upgrades can only be purchased at  Ganz eStore website @ www.ganzestore.com