Wish Factory
I got a Token. What do I do with it?
You can take it to the Wish Machine, located in the Wish Factory. You can get there from the Things To Do Menu.
What is the Wish Machine?
The Wish Machine is a device that Amanda the Panda discovered on a trip to a mysterious land. She brought it back and has set it up in her Wish Factory for you to use. The Wish Machine only accepts Tokens, but when you have collected 10 Tokens, you can use the Wish Machine to get an exclusive item!
Do I need to have 10 Tokens before I can access the Wish Machine?
You can put your Tokens into the Wish Machine as you collect them, rather than keeping them in your Dock. It will remember how many you have inserted, and tell you how many more you need before you can select an exclusive item. Remember, you need to collect at least 10 Tokens before you can trade them in for an exclusive item.
How do I get Tokens?
You get Tokens on special days (like Webkinz Day and Christmas Day), from particular achievements, by adopting the Pet of the Month, and as bonus gifts.
What is a Super Token?
A Super Token is like a regular Token but it also gives you a special bonus. You can’t tell if a Token is a Super Token until you deposit it into the Wish Machine.