Webkinz A to Z
  • Adoption Center
    • If you ever want to adopt a new Webkinz pet onto your current account, visit the Adoption Center. Ms. Birdy will guide you through the adoption.
  • Arcade
    • This is where you'll find lots of fun games to play. If your child plays here, they will earn KinzCash and, if they get a high score, will be on our high scores list in the Newz!
  • Clubhouse
    • Your child can go to the Clubhouse to play with other Webkinz World members and chat using our pre-constructed KinzChat system or our KinzChat PLUS system. KinzChat PLUS still limits what the members can say because members can only use words that are in our dictionary. We have done our best to insure that personal information cannot be shared, and inappropriate messages cannot be used. It is possible, however, that your child might see something inappropriate in this area. That is why we require younger members to have parental consent to enter this area. If your child asks for your consent, you'll receive an email. If you want to allow your child to play in the KinzChat PLUS area, you can click 'allow'. If you do not want your child to play in the KinzChat PLUS area, you can create a Parent Account by going to the Parent's Area via the Webkinz World homepage.
  • Curio Shop
    • Arte Fact is the Curio Shop owner. He's got LOTS of cool stuff on sale all the time. Sometimes he has W Shop items on sale; sometimes he has rare or semi-rare items. The more you visit, shop, and leave him tips, the better he gets to know you. If he knows you really well, he will tell you exactly when you can find a rare item.
  • DiceKinz
    • This is Webkinz World's very own collectible game. Your child can collect different dice from the W Shop's 'Games' section and build a very powerful dice pool. Your child can play this game with other members, or against the computer.
  • Dock
    • The area at the bottom of your screen that shows the items, furniture, and foods your child currently owns.
  • Employment Office
    • Children can go here every 8 hours and complete a job. Jobs are mini games that pay out lots of KinzCash. Complete a level 3 times to move to the next level! There are 3 levels in total for each job. To see how many jobs your child has done, click 'resume.' To see how jobs pay out, click the 'I' on the Employment Office job board.
  • Happiness, Health, Hunger Meters
    • These meters show how happy, healthy, and hungry your pet is. If the meters are full, that means your pet is totally happy, healthy, and full. If you have more than one Webkinz pet and would like to see all of your Webkinz pet's meters at once, visit the "My Pets" page in the "Things to Do" menu. Please know that no matter how low the meters become, your Webkinz pet cannot die.
  • Help
    • You can open the Help File in Webkinz World by clicking the little "Help" button in the lower right corner of your dock. The information in the help file will apply to whichever section of the site you're visiting.
  • KinzCash
    • This is Webkinz World's currency. Kids earn KinzCash by playing games, answering trivia, doing jobs, and answering our weekly survey (located on the "Contact Us" page in the Newz).
  • KinzChat
    • A totally secure method by which Webkinz World members can talk to each other. Webkinz World members use pre-constructed sentences and phrases to talk to each other. No personal information can be shared.
  • KinzChat PLUS
    • In the KinzChat PLUS area, members may type their own messages, but are limited to using words from our restricted dictionary. In the restricted dictionary, we have eliminated numbers, most common names, many place names and a variety of inappropriate words.
  • KinzChat cell phone
    • This phone is located in the lower right corner of the dock. Click to open it, and click 'power' to turn it on. If you want to add a friend, click 'add' and then enter the friend's username. Click 'send' and an invitation will be sent to the friend. When they accept it, they will be added to your child's friends list, and your child will be added to their list.
    • When you turn your cell phone on, you'll notice that it is a certain color. This indicates which Color Zone you are in. You can only invite friends over and invite them to play a game if they're in the same Color Zone as you. If your friends are in the same Color Zone as you, their smiley faces will be green. Otherwise, their smiley faces will be red. You can switch color zones by clicking the "Zone" button on your phone and choosing a different one to visit. A Zone with four smiley faces next to it is full.
    • You might notice that some friends on your list have a colored rectangle around their name. That shows which Color Zone they most recently visited. This information is cleared every night.
    • To invite a friend to visit your child's room, have your child go to their room, open their KinzChat cell phone and click a friend who is in the same Color Zone (remember: their smiley face will be green). Click "Invite" to invite the friend over. If your child received an invitation to visit a friend, they can simply click "Yes" to go to the friend's house, or "No" to refuse.
  • My Pets
    • You can see your pets' status, read their bio, and reprint their adoption certificate by visiting this page. You can also visit the Care Award and click the 'I love my Webkinz' to earn KinzCash, a food item, and a chance to be in the weekly drawing for a special item.
  • My Room
    • Located in the things to do menu, your child can customize this area by visiting the W Shop and purchasing different wallpapers, floors, and furniture items and dragging them from the dock into their room (look for a green square to appear under the item. That's how you know you can put it down in a specific place).
  • Newspaper
    • Visit the Webkinz Newz to find out all the latest info about Webkinz World! This is also the place to go to enter contests and contact us. The Newz is updated twice a week.
  • Quizzy's
    • Your child can visit Quizzy's to answer age-appropriate trivia and earn KinzCash. This is a great learning tool and the quickest way to earn lots of KinzCash.
  • Today's Activities
    • We have different activities, bonus games, and sales on in Webkinz World everyday, and they're all listed on the "Today's Activities" menu. Today's Activities is located in the Things to Do menu. Please remember that all activities are based on KinzTime (Eastern Standard Time).
  • Tournament Arena
    • Your child can visit the Tournament Arena to play a best score tournament (your child will play a game and their score will be submitted. The person with the highest score wins the tournament), or to play against other Webkinz World members. Your child can ask opponents to join their friends list after a game.
  • Webkinz Guide
    • This guide contains any and all information about Webkinz World. Give it a read and become a Webkinz World expert!