Managing your child's time in Webkinz World
Webkinz World is a wonderful place to play. It is a fun, friendly, and imaginative environment for children to enjoy. Because Webkinz World is so much fun, it can be difficult to limit your child's time on the computer. Here are some tips about how to limit your child's time in Webkinz World:
  1. Use Webkinz World as a reward. Your child will be able to play in Webkinz World AFTER he or she has finished homework, done a few chores, etc.
  2. Decide what you believe is an appropriate amount of time for your child to be on the computer and discuss it with your child ahead of time. Set a timer, if need be. When the timer goes off, so does the computer.
  3. Encourage offline play with the Webkinz plush toy; encourage your child to draw pictures of the rooms they'd like to design, make pictures of their Webkinz (scrapbooks are lots of fun), and have parties for the Webkinz. Invite some friends over in the real world and celebrate Webkinz!